Callan Cattle Co.

7688 Marion Rd., Newark, OH 43055

Callan Cattle Co. markets America’s healthiest breed of cattle, live, or in see-thru frozen vac-packages. CCC doesn’t use extra hormones, or antibiotics. Longhorns rarely get sick due to their healthy “natural genetic outlook” on life.

Texas Longhorn cattle are NATURE’S CATTLE. They multiplied in the Southwest without Man’s help or interference from the 1520s to the 1890s. They were the first bovines on the American Continent, brought to America by the Spanish. Their survivability in the wild was Nature Bred into their DNA creating 400 years of natural selection.
Callan Cattle Co. Texas Longhorn cattle eat grass, browse or locally baled hay from chemical-free fields. Texas Longhorns turn 6 pounds of grass into a pound of muscle gain without producing the excess back fat, needing to be trimmed off, common to “other” cattle at processing time.

The proof is seeing the beef carcass on the hook in our processors’ cooler. If others beef producers (upon request) can’t show you a comparison picture to Longhorn of their beef hanging in the cooler, they can tell you anything and not have to answer for it. And yes, Longhorn beef is tender. We don’t “run’em on the Trail” anymore. We’ve had compliments on our beeves for 21 years.

Give us a call at 740-745-3348. We’re five miles north of Newark, OH on State Route 657 (Marion Rd), near Johnstown, Granville and Utica, OH. We are 35 NE of Columbus, OH. Look for the big Callan Cattle Co. sign with the Texas Longhorn cow logo. Texas Longhorns eat Ohio’s Natural Grass.

You Are What You Eat, Eats.

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